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  • It is a great blessing to continue to put together a church website, I will continue to update on a regular basis and you may see changes from time to time. I hope that you continue to visit this website very often. Thank you for your love, support, prayers, and friendship to me.
  • About Me

  • My name is Bernie Newton. First I'd like to thank God for the gift of working on websites, so that I can try to piece together a website for our beloved churches that we love so much. Please note this isn't about what I have done with the website, this is about what our precious Lord & Savior Jesus Christ did and it just brings me great joy to try to bring a smile and to hear the loving comments from all of you who has encouraged me to be a blessing to everyone around me. All the praise, honor, & the glory belongs to God. I truly thank Him for all the love He has sent my way and all of us are truly blessed beyond measure.
  • About This Website

  • My uncle Larry Coleman wanted to put a church website together, for everyone that loves the Mates Creek Association. Unfortunately he passed in 2008, but I hope that this would be something that everyone would enjoy and hoping it brings a little joy and a smile to everyone who loves our little heavenly places & gifts.
    A website that everyone can be proud to visit and share regularly. Whenever there is someone that lives miles away or who may be afflicted and can't go to one of our churches, I hope that they are able to come here and receive a blessing from God, maybe in one of the prayers, songs, or the preaching. It's my understanding that these gifts are treasures for us to always hold dear to our hearts.
  • Disclaimer of Website

  • This website is privately owned and operated by me, I take full responsibility for the operation of all content therein. The association is free from all liabilities and responsibilities and all operational fees are paid by me privately, there is no sponsors, or 3rd parties.

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