The Mates Creek Association is a group of 17 churches coming together in the same faith and order to worship together with a common salvation of Sovereign Grace.

Currently the Mates Creek Association has 17 churches that are in our association. 12 churches are located in Pike County, Kentucky, 2 churches are located in Virginia, 2 churches located in Ohio, & 1 church located in Michigan. 14 of the churches meet 1 time each month, while 2 churches meet every weekend, 1 church meets every other weekend. This allows our brethren & sisters to go to a different church every weekend to support the sister churches within the association. Usually having 4 or more churches having a meeting every weekend of the month. Also, this allows visitors & members to hear and listen to different elders or preachers within the church, instead of the same elder or preacher at a home church.

Current Number of churches & members: 17 churches and 723 members (Taken from 2015 Minutes)

History of Mates Creek Association

This association has two different histories given for its origin.

Mates Creek Association was given an arm from the New Salem Association 1849. This Association was organized the second Saturday in July 1849. The Presbytery that was appointed: Elders William M. Salsberry, Jordan Ashley, W.M. Mullins. The presbytery met with the following churches, Enon, Pond Creek, Sardis, Louisa, New Liberty. These 5 churches met with the delegates from these churches at the Pond Creek Church, Pike County, Kentucky. This was the first offspring of the New Salem Association.

This small Fraternity of Antimissionary Baptists is located in the eastern extremity of the State. It was constituted at the Mates Creek meeting house in Virginia, in 1849, at which time most of its churches were in that State. It extended its operations into Kentucky, and subsequently dismissed most of its original churches to form a new Association. At present, most or all of its churches are in Pike county, Kentucky, except Sulphur Spring, which is in Buchanan county, West Virginia. It had considerable growth for a time, and in 1878, numbered 16 churches with 729 members. In 1880, it numbered 14 churches with 503 members.

OTHER NOTES: In the list of the ministers appear the names of Gabriel Riffe, W. W. Fields and Basil Hatfield. The first named acted as moderator of the body a number of years. He was called to his reward, about 1878. Basil Hatfield has acted as moderator since 1877.

Source: Association Life, 1785-1800