Elder Randal Thornsbury Elder David A. Thacker Bro. Leslie Hatfield Bro. Lonnie Simpkins
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It is a very huge blessing trying to write something down about our 4 beloved officers in our association.
God surely has blessed the Mates Creek Association with many precious elders with different gifts. It is often difficult at times to keep order in a single church, its a much bigger responsibility to keep order in all 17 churches in an association. We surely couldn't have love and peace without the blessings of God. These 4 precious brethren have a very big understanding of the responsibility that is involved with keeping the churches in order and in peace. They know where their help comes from and they walk among a people that knows that every blessing and blessed prayer must come down from God's heavenly throne. It is a blessing among many blessings to have these 4 brethren wanting to walk that extra mile for our beloved churches and none of us should neglect them in our prayers. By neglecting to pray for them, we have failed them and our beloved churches. I hope that this little note will confirm to them that they will always know that we surely appreciate them as we thank God for them and they are always in our prayers. May God continually bless our beloved officers, our elders, and our members.